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Alternative Use of Udder Balm

Hollywood is famous for alternative use of products.    Now they have discovered something from down on the farm, it is Udder Balm.

Developed for the treatment of dried and cracked cow teats, udder balm is bridging the needs of Hollywood’s elite to rugged sportsmen and everyone in between.

Udder balm is a gooey beige colored ointment sold in salve-form or jars.  Though the Food and Drug Administration has not approved this product for human use, that hasn’t stopped legions of fans from finding a new purpose for it.

One Vermont aficionado swears by using balm to reload ammunition.  He puts the ointment on the bullets so they slide into the casing better.

Popular folklore states the use of udder balm went from cow stalls to the medicine cabinet when farmer’s wives noticed how subtle were the skin of their husbands after they milked the cows.  The balm which had been applied to the teats was improving the condition of the men’s hands.

There is even speculation this ointment accompanied Admiral Byrd to the North Pole so he could apply it to his skin for protection for the extreme cold.  Rescue workers at the site of the World Trade Center collapse applied balm to the paws of the cadaver dogs to create a barrier between the paws and the shards of glass and twisted metal on the ground.

Some of the best products on the market have been around a good long time and udder balm is one of them.  Sold in farm, feed and hardware stores since the turn of the last century, balm continues to be the old fashioned fix for a variety of modern-day problems.

Anyone who finds their skin exposed to the elements or to irritation like chafing reports satisfaction with this quirky alternative use product that jumped from the barn into the bathroom cabinet.