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Anti Chafing in Sports

Good anti chafing measures will help your overall health because doctors know the condition of your skin is a mirror to how well you are in general.

According to the University of Maryland, chafing is defined as skin irritation that occurs when skin rubs against other skin, clothing or items like sports equipment.

Researchers advise against wearing coarse fabric.  All-cotton material or synthetics designed to wick moisture from the body are the most comfortable.  Friction can be minimized with the best clothing for the activity.

It is important to wear clothes that are dry and clean.  Irritation can be caused by dirt, chemicals and even dried sweat on clothing.

A temporary lubricant can serve as a barrier to moisture and form a sort of “second skin” in the areas of your body that become irritated. Common areas include inside the thighs and under the arms for runners, and the groin area for bicyclists and equestrians.  Everyone has their ointment of choice and these do not have to cost a lot of money or come from the department store.  Some people find relief at the drug store chains or equestrian supply store.

Proper athletic clothing can also be used in tandem with creams and ointments to prevent chafing.  Fabrics made of nylon or polyester are ideal for driving sweat and moisture away from the skin where it will contribute to rubbing and skin irritation.

Some of these clothing articles are made for the warm weather and are suitable for use with a sunscreen for protection from ultra violet rays.

Remember, the key to treating chafed skin is to avoid the activities that bring it on.  But if your occupation or your favorite sport necessitate repetitive motion, be prepared for chafing with the appropriate clothing and skin crème, both excellent weapons in anti-chafing efforts.