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Runners Chafing

A runner’s chafing, just like an injury, may be the ultimate roadblock for runners. As summer is setting in, chafing can become a problem for some runners, as sweating increases the rub of clothing against skin. Chafing is a skin irritation caused by any activity that makes skin to repeatedly rub against another area of skin or article of clothing.

The most common symptom of chafing is a painful stinging or burning sensation in the affected area or areas. Moisture, either from sweat or rain, can aggravate chafing. It usually occurs around the groin, inner thighs, underarms, nipples, and around the bra line (for women) but it can also occur anywhere. Anybody can experience chafing. However, chafing is a particular problem in overweight people and in athletes.

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. There are some things you can do to prevent chafing from occurring, especially before a long run. Wear clothing that serves as a barrier between layers of skin, like athletic tights or cycling shorts. Though loose clothing may feel more relaxing on hot days, shorts and shirts that fit incorrectly can cause painful friction. Avoid clothing made of coarse materials. Clothing made of cotton absorbs sweat, once it gets wet it stays wet. Runners should choose clothing that fits snugly and is made of synthetic material like Lycra or Spandex that wick moisture away.

Drinking plenty of water before, during, and after a jog or run will. It is recommended that runners stay hydrated to keep sweat flowing freely, rather than drying into gritty salt crystals that can make chafing worse. To help soak up excess sweat, Colombia University’s Health Services recommend sprinkling talcum powder, cornstarch, or potato starch on chafe-prone body parts.

Apply some A+D ointment on chafed skin. The chafed areas should clear up in about a day. Be sure to cover up affected areas with BodyGlide, or Vaseline before heading out for a run. Many seasoned runners also swear by the efficacy of udder balm in preventive lubrication and treatment of runners’ chafing.

Bicycle Racers Skin Care

Like most athletes, bicycle racers skin care is just as important as the training that is done to stay in top shape. An athlete’s skin is under more pressure than a typical person. Athletes sweat more, spend more time in the sun, and shower more often.  And just like everybody else, your skin has to last you a lifetime.

Bicycle racers are exposed to the same things, and probably more. You need products that restore essential nutrients and help prevent dry, cracked skin, and probably acne breakouts or infections. Skin care is not always about vanity and can be used as preventive measures for skin conditions.

Sun exposure has been proven to cause all kinds of long-term problems, from leathery skin to skin cancers. Wearing protective clothing helps as well as regular use of a good sun-blocking agent, particularly for those who are fair skinned and susceptible to sunburn. Remember to slather a good brand of sunscreen on all exposed skin areas, and re-apply as necessary especially on longer rides.

Another problem your skin may face is dryness. Drinking plenty of water will help you stay hydrated from the inside, and the use of a good moisturizing lotion or cream may help your skin stay hydrated from the outside. Some people start this prevention of moisture loss by using a moisturizing body wash in the shower. They further seal the moisture by applying olive oil or mineral oil right after while skin is still wet, then patting it dry. Lip balms also moisturize the lips against chafing and there are plenty of lip balms with sun-blocking agents, too.

The feet are just as prone to chafing as any part of your body. Blistering on the feet’s skin is also a common occurrence for cyclists especially on long rides. These are easily prevented by applying skin cream at night and wearing socks over them when you go to bed. Some riders even use Dr. Naylor’s udder balm and swear by its useful moisturizing effects.

A sound bicycle racers skin care can aid optimum performance.