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Sports Medicine Supplies

Here are sports medicine supplies to give as affordable gifts for the people in your life whom you love.

Foam rollers are a popular item that mimics an actual sports massage.  It stretches tendons and muscles and breaks down muscular scar tissue.  You use your body weight to massage yourself and to improve blood circulation and flow to soft tissues.

Every athlete must stay hydrated.  When water alone is not enough electrolyte tablets replace fluids without the carbohydrates common in store bought sports drinks.  Only one tablet dissolved into a water bottle replaces lost electrolytes without the high calorie count of the popular sports drinks.

If you run in the cold weather, two items are indispensable, running gloves and a running cap.  The key to these items is comfort and flexibility.  You want a lightweight fabric that wicks moisture away from the body and keeps the skin dry.  The best caps also have lightweight fabric and since they come in a variety of colors leading many runners to collect a variety of them.

If you bike, whether for racing or for recreation, no doubt you’ve experienced the discomfort of skin chafing which occurs with friction.  The best treatment for that is a good protective layer of cream.  Some bicyclists find a generous layer of cream applied to the skin beneath well-fitting shorts, provides a virtual second layer of “skin”.

You needn’t spend a lot of money on this cream.  You might find relief, as some bicyclists do with an unusual product called Dr. Naylor’s Udder Cream.  Although not government sanctioned for this purpose, word is spreading among athletes and they are recommending this product.

There are many sports medicine supplies you can give as little gifts and your athlete will thank you for it.