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Topical Crème

A topical crème is a type of non-edible, pasty substance often containing some form of medicine and is applied to the skin. Several medications in topical creams in both prescription and non-prescription form to treat a wide variety of conditions.

Some topical creams are made of synthetic substances while others are made of natural ingredients.  They are normally designed to heal, renew, nourish, and or protect skin.

There are numerous medications that are available in topical cream form and most are available over the counter. A wide number of topical acne products are creams, and skin treatments for conditions like eczema or psoriasis may come in cream form as well. There are topical creams that may provide pain relief for mild arthritis pain that affects only a few joints. Various topical creams are also used to treat skin problems in many types of arthritis.

Topical cream formulations are also used to treat minor aches and pains by creating heat right at the source of the pain. Topical creams may also be used to address fungal infections, itches, burns, infections, rashes, blisters, sores, and there are even some creams that are used in place of sunscreen lotions or to protect from insect bites.

Perhaps the most popular topical creams are the cosmetic creams used to moisturize and hydrate facial skin, hands, feet, knees, and elbows. Most of these creams are usually made, in part or in whole, of natural ingredients. Most people, however, favor creams made from natural ingredients over synthetic ingredients.

Some unconventional topical creams, like the udder balm, are increasing in popularity because of its efficacy. Although originally a veterinary product meant to relieve dryness and moisturize a cow’s udder, the natural ingredients of the balm was discovered by farmers to work with extreme efficacy on human skin as well.

The principal advantage of topical crème is its ability to rub into the skin quickly without having to go through a longer process.