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How to Prevent Runner’s Chafing

Uncomfortable runner’s chafing need not sideline you.  The first step is to recognize the cause of the problem.

Runner’s chafing is usually the result of clothing moving too much against the tender skin of the thighs or the thighs themselves rubbing together.

Topical lotions and creams can help.  Any good skin lubricant can provide protection from rubbing. Many runners say old-fashioned and inexpensive items do the trick such as Vaseline petroleum jelly or Dr. Naylor’s Udder Balm.

Another technique for avoiding runner’s chafing is to shower just prior to a run to soften the skin, and then after a run to remove sweat and dirt particles.

If you are running over a series of days it is important to wear laundered shorts.  Running clothes that house sweat can contribute to the abrasive nature of fabric under warm and strenuous conditions.

Make sure you take in plenty of fluids.  Hydration is key to warding off painful rubbing.  Dehydration on the other hand can dry perspiration into gritty salt that exacerbates chafing.

Sometimes, during very hot weather or particularly long runs, lubricant alone is not enough.   Some runners apply powder before a run.  Talcum, cornstarch or potato starch, all available at the grocery store or drug store can provide good protection.

Technologically advanced clothing keeps the skin comfortable while running.  The old school of thought that natural fabrics are best is replaced with 21st century ideas about synthetic fabric.  Technologically advanced nylon fabrics that wick moisture away from the skin are now favored over cottons and wools.

Before you start a running regimen keep in mind the essential components to comfortable skin: Washing, Hydrating, Lubricating and Clothing.  All of these combined will help you focus on the success of your run without having to take time off to heal sore skin from runner’s chafing.