Udder Balm & Professional Biking

The use of Udder Balm & Professional Biking is growing, with more and more athletes turning to the unusual cream to sooth sore and chafed skin.

Udder balm moisturizer was developed for the dairy industry so farmers could apply a topical cream to the udders of their cows.

Farmers reported softer hands after they applied the udder balm to their cows. Now it’s use is spreading to the sporting world, with one bicycle enthusiast commenting:

“Hello Dr. Naylor,

I grew up in Morris, New York and Udder Balm has always been in the house for minor skin irritations.  Now that I am 50+ and got into competitive cycling some 25 years ago, udder balm is again a daily ointment for saddle sores and minor skin irritations.  I have tried ever cyclist type balm product on the market and nothing beats Dr. Naylor Udder balm.  I have completed the LotoJa one day 203 mile bike race 8 times, with a 1st and 3rd place in my categories and have moved on to annually competing in 24 hours of Moab on relay team for 8years.  Our Moab masters team all use Dr. Naylor’s udder balm with a passion, and have nailed down 1st place in our category 3 years in a row.  This stuff works great, not just on race day, but more importantly the many miles required to get in shape leading up to an extreme event.  In 25 years rarely have I missed a ride due to a saddle sore.  Thanks Dr. Naylor for a great product.  If cows could talk, I am sure they recommend it as well.”

Though not approved for use on humans, udder balm has an undeniable following among people looking for an alternative and holistic method of skin care, and that includes the combination of Udder Balm & Professional Biking.

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